Dangerous parking

8 March 2010, 11:12 | Updated: 8 March 2010, 11:32

Heart has been told a child has nearly been knocked over outside a primary school in Thatcham, because parents are ignoring parking rules.

PC Michele Norman told us there was a near miss on Derwent Road in the town, but that there are problems outside more than one school, "Young children don't always have the road sense that adults have. They jump out from behind parked cars and see their mates outside school and run across the road. People aren't taking this into consideration when they're parking."

A letter is now being sent to all parents in Thatcham, explaining what the different road markings mean. Michele said this is because at the moment, signs are being ignored, "Signs are there for a reason. Parents and other members of the public need to take notice of them. I know people are in a rush in the morning, but if the parking rules are continually ignored there could be an accident."

The police are also looking for a place to create a "Park and Stride" area. This would mean parents could park in a nearby designated zone and walk the rest of the way to school with their children.