An end to our traffic problems?

Wokingham Borough Council's going to decide tonight whether to team up with Reading to sort both town's traffic problems.


If they vote yes, they could be given £5 million towards a station link road in Wokingham and a third bridge across the Thames. Over the next 15 years, both councils could also potentially be given £380 million to fund projects to improve public transport and get more people walking and cycling.

But it could also mean ideas like charging lorries to drive into the town centre will become a reality.

Heart spoke to shoppers in Reading, to find out what ideas are the most popular. It looks like charging lorries is not a front-runner, this woman is worried it could lead to congestion charging for cars, "If they start charging lorries it will eventually lead to all of us having to pay. We already pay for parking, what's next?"

But Wokingham Councillor Keith Baker has told Heart it is not that simple, "There is a big difference between congestion charging and a low emission zone.

If we decide to work with Reading, we have always made it clear we are against congestion charging. If it even became a possibility at some point in the future, then we would consult all of our residents."

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 The ideas:

So far, some of the ideas raised to sort out the traffic problems in Reading and Wokingham include:

  • A third bridge to be built over the Thames
  • A station link road in Wokingham
  • Low emission zone for inner Reading, charging lorries and vehicles over 3.5 tonnes in weight to drive through
  • More funding for public transport to make it more accessible and easier to use