Government Spending Cuts

20 October 2010, 10:58 | Updated: 20 October 2010, 11:00

People who are unhappy about government spending cuts are holding demonstrations in our region.

An Oxfordshire Day of Action Against Cuts has been declared by trade unions, campaigners and community groups in the county.

The Oxfordshire Anti-Cuts Alliance will be running an information stall during the day on Cornmarket Street, central Oxford.

They're hoping to analyse each point of the Comprehensive Spending Review as it is released and show how the impact it could have in Oxfordshire.

From 5.30pm, people will gather together in Bonn Square to demonstrate against the cuts and hear from various campaigns and trades unions working to oppose them.

In Berkshire, 'Save Our Service Reading' are holding a 'Funeral Procession for public services' in Reading on Wednesday evening.

Campaigners will be marching through the town centre before meeting at the train station at about 5.30pm.

SOS Reading told Heart:

"The fabric of our society is under threat. Under the dodgy pretext of cutting ‘public sector debt’ a heinous crime is taking place. Our Government hopes to murder every public service we hold dear, one by one, in the biggest attack on working people in living memory. But we won’t let them! We Won’t Pay for Their Crisis!"

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