How does your GP rate?

5 March 2010, 06:00

You can now find out how your GP rates compared to other doctors in Berkshire.

A new comparison website has been launched by NHS Berkshire West.

Charles Waddicor, from the PCT, told Heart it will help people choose which GP to register with, "This will help local people make their decisions on which GP practice they think is right for them."

"It will also enable GPs to assess their own practice performance against others so they can see and celebrate their successes and if need be, identify any areas of possible improvement."

The website rates local practices in a range of categories, including their opening hours and how many new patients they accept. But that does not mean they tell the whole story, "we don't want patients to just go by the practice profiles", said Charles Waddicor. "It is only a part of the overall service. They are a guide and indication but by no means the whole picture."