Learner road rage

A Bracknell driving instructor has told Heart there has been a massive rise in road rage against his pupils in the last year.

AA teacher, Martin Jones, has seen impatient drivers tailgate his learners and even overtake on roundabouts, "in some cases they will drive the wrong way round a roundabout just to get in front. It has even happened when I have been driving in the car on my own. Some people don't want to stick to the speed limit and want to go faster. This is when it can get dangerous."

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The AA says it is a problem across the country, with many of it's instructors seeing incidents so bad, they have been forced to report them to the police.


Martin puts the behaviour down to people being stressed, "I think lots of people who drive dangerously like this are probably stressed. Maybe they're running late and think they need to get where they're going at all costs. Even if it means overtaking in an unsafe situation, or driving too close behind. They may not be stressed generally, but at that moment, they do feel very stressed."

In these situations, the driving instructor will have to tell their pupil to widen the gap between the car in front, to increase their "safety zone". This can sometimes make the driver behind even more frustrated.