Local team sent to New Zealand

9 local firefighters join the resuce efforts of the New Zealand earthquake

Heart's found out 9 firefighters are among the 60-strong rescue team heading to New Zealand to help find survivors of the earthquake.

Hampshire is a proud member of UKISAR a group of 13 UK Fire Brigades who each provide specially trained volunteers to respond to overseas disasters on behalf of the UK Government.

Gerry Leonard from Hampshire fire and rescue told us "We've already had discussions with an Australian team that's landed in New Zealand saying there are some very specific rescue operations and lifting operations to try to get into some of the buildings."

Group Manager Pete Crook and Paul Murray from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service flew to New Zealand from Heathrow Airport on Tuesday 22 February 2011 as part of the UKISAR advance party - whilst the 7 remaining members of the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service contingency travelled to Gatwick Airport where they flew out to New Zealand together with the rest of the UKISAR team on Wednesday 23 February 2011.