Memorial to Asha?

Plans are being discussed to create a permanent tribute to murdered Reading teenager, Asha Muneer.


The 18 year old A Level student was stabbed to death on an isolated footpath in Reading on the evening of January 18th. She had been walking home from her shift at her part-time job in Laura Ashley.

Around 1,000 mourners attended Asha's funeral on Thursday and the Rivermead Leisure Centre was given over to the ceremony.

Afterwards, Headteacher at Highdown School, Tim Royle, told Heart they would like to think of a permanent way to remember Asha, "We will be getting together some ideas for how to do that although it hasn't been decided yet. It's just such a privelege to be connected with so many people who are moved by this tragic event."

Friends & relatives began to arrive at Rivermead in Richfield Ave, before midday, many staying until the coffin, adorned with flowers, was taken on to a private burial service more than 2 hours later.

Grieving relatives wiped tears from their eyes as others said prayers.

One weeping mother, clutching a small child, turned away as the coffin, covered with a green drape, was revealed.

Later it was driven from the premises with a floral arrangement reading "sister'' placed against it.

Speaking after the funeral, Miss Muneer's uncle, Saeed Iqbal said the family had "lost everything''.

"`It's been absolutely terrible, absolutely terrible. Nobody can understand the hell we've been through.

"We can't sleep, nobody can sleep, she comes into our eyes and mind and everywhere - we have just lost everything,'' he said.

"She was an absolutely beautiful girl, she was innocent and somebody's taken her life for no reason.

"The way it happened, it's difficult - for my sister, for my brother, for the young kids - it's absolutely terrible.''

And he called for justice for the promising student, who had hoped to become a lawyer.

"Everyone, the whole community is there for us and now is the time for justice.

"I believe it (should be) a life for life. That's my request, that's my brother-in-law's request, that's my sister's request - we are looking for justice and justice is a life for a life.''

He said family members had received ``wonderful support'' from the local Pakistani community along with the wider community in Reading.

Miss Muneer, a part-time shop assistant was discovered lying next to the River Kennet, near the Madejski Stadium in Reading, Berkshire, by a jogger at 8.30pm.

Her former boyfriend, Gulamyr Akhter, 19, of Victoria Way, Reading, appeared in court charged with her murder.

Miss Muneer is thought to have left work at the nearby Brunel Retail Park at around 6pm - more than two hours before her body was discovered.

A post-mortem examination found she had suffered 25 stab wounds.


On the Facebook group dedicated to Asha, friends have described her as a "beautiful angel", and say she will "always be in their hearts".

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