New booze law

People who are violent while drinking at this summer's Henley Regatta could be arrested if they refuse to hand over their alcohol.

Plans to give police in Henley powers to confiscate alcohol have gone on display.  They would apply all year round, but are being brought in in response to anti-social behaviour that normally occurs around the Regatta, which happens in June and July.

The Designated Public Place Order would cover almost all of Henley.  Anyone behaving anti-socially who refuses to hand over their alcohol could be arrested or fined up to £500.

South Oxfordshire District Council want to have the powers in place for this summer's Regatta, starting 29 June 2011.

Jane Murphy, Cabinet Member for Community Safety at South Oxfordshire District Council said: "The new measure would not affect responsible drinkers or licensed premises but it would act as a deterrent to those who behave badly due to excessive drinking.  Helping people feel safe and secure is a priority for the council and encourages more visitors to the town."

Superintendent Chris Sharp, Area Commander said: "During the Henley Regatta, specifically in the evening, a drinking culture has developed in open spaces, which can lead to anti-social behaviour and low levels of crime.

"We are continually working with the local community to ensure they feel safe in Henley and I would like to encourage residents to give feedback on the proposal."

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