"Please Help Us"

Three day ago an earthquake hit Haiti and ever since Kathy Johnson from Reading has been waiting to hear from her family

Kathy is desperate to find out if her uncle and two cousins, who live in Port-au-Prince, are ok. Mrs Johnson is asking people to keep on supporting the relief effort:

"I'm watching the news and my heart is in my mouth. I'm watching my people dying, children are dying out there. There are no medical supplies, there's no fresh clean water."

Mrs Johnson say people need the necessities:

"They need food, water, medical supplies and by that I mean gauze, plasters, things that we can send out.

"We do have a small team that's going out next week so we know it's going direct to the people. Obviously because it's home for us, we know the areas and know where we need to go."

Britons have already donated more than 2 million pounds to help people in Haiti.

The Disasters Emergency Committee said the money's been given online and among the donations was a private gift from the Queen.

Hundreds of US troops have arrived in Haiti, and are promising to rush food, water, medicine and other emergency relief supplies to survivors of the quake.

Kathy has joined an appeal led by the Haitian community in the UK, click here, for more.