Police rated

13 March 2010, 06:00

For the first time, it is possible to see how police in Berkshire and Hampshire compare to other forces in England and Wales.

A website listing how each force rated in a number of areas has been gone live.

Check out the website here

Heart was told on Thursday that Thames Valley Police have been rated "poor" in the way they solve minor assault crimes.

But Deputy Chief Constable Francis Hapgood told us the force has already been working on this area, "We had identified this as an area of improvement some months ago and are already seeing results. This is because the data that is used for the police report card only goes up to last September."

In contrast, the Thames Valley force was scored as "excellent" for their work cutting deaths and injuries on our roads.

The national report grades each force on three main areas; local crime and policing, protecting from serious harm and confidence and satisfaction. Thames Valley Police are one of nineteen forces to be graded as fair in each category, putting them around the middle of the police "league table".

Hampshire Police scored well on tackling serious crime and protecting people from serious harm, but was told to work on the satisfaction of black and minority ethnic victims of crime. Only eighty-one percent of this group said they were satisfied with their experience with the police, compared to eighty-four percent of white victims.