UFOs spotted in Berkshire

The MOD's released files of UFO sitings which show there have been hundreds of close encounters in Berkshire.

In 1992, there was a series of strange happenings in the sky above Sonning.

One incident described how two women stopped their car near Tywford when they saw a "golden object hovering overhead and moving across the scene". They took photographs but they didn't come out clearly. But Michael Soper from Contact International UFO Research told Heart this is evidence that UFOs do exist because the woman's accounts were so different to the photographs. They were both interviewed separately and described the exact same scene.

In Bracknell in 2001, a lady saw a pattern of stars modulating and changing above her house.

Michael who researches paranormal sitings across Berkshire, told Heart we're more likely to see UFOs in our area because of latitude. The Reading area forms part of a triangle, like the famous Bermuda Triangle. The other points that join up the triangle are Colchester and Worcester. This triangle was the first of it's kind and was named the London Triangle by Charles Fort, one of the earliest researchers to look into Unidentified Flying Objects. You can read more on his writings here

If you've spotted a UFO in the sky, you can call Contact International UFO Research: 01869 320989