Valentines abuse

Domestic abuse workers in Berkshire say they could get more calls for help this weekend, because of Valentines Day.

Sophie Wing-King works for Bracknell's Domestic Abuse Forum and said it is a day to dread for many people, "Whilst Valentines Day is about love and affection, we also know that it could be just another day of abuse for many people."

"It should be a happy time, and generally relationships should be happy, no matter what day it is. But for people living with domestic abuse it can be a daily occurence. It doesn't stop just because it's Valentines Day."

The warning comes after a counsellors told Heart just before Christmas, that they often experience high volumes of calls over the festive period. Often the pressure of having to be together on a special occasion can push some couples over the edge and this can spill into an abusive situation.


Sophie told Heart there are plenty of places where victims of domestic abuse can get help.

Click here to listen to Sophie explain

  • If it as an emergency, you should call the police. If you fear for your safety call the police on 999
  • You can speak to Berkshire Women's Aid who can provide outreach help for you or refuge accomodation. Their helpline number is 0118 950 4003 or you can visit their website
  • You can text "help" to 81156 and you will receive a discreet text message back with information for where to get help.