Wii Fitness

A mum of two from Farnborough has lost a whopping 8 stone after buying a Wii fit and getting up at 5 o’clock every morning to exercise on it.

Just over a year ago, Lara Roberts decided she'd had enough of her size 22 figure so ordered a Wii fit and began exercising in her living room.

Now a size 10, Lara told Heart she ditched the gym as she lacked self confidence as a bigger woman. Finding the games console meant she didn't have to exercise in the company of strangers.

"The Wii fit's a really good fun way you can do exercise with the family and on your own because you’ve also got to enjoy the exercise. There’s no point going to do the exercise and thinking 'oh god I've got to do exercise this morning'  - that’s something I never felt, I actually enjoy doing it."

But Lara says it wasn't all down to the Wii fit. She cut down on a food too and started eating healthily. Although she told us she still has the odd slice of cake!


Lara Roberts       Wii Fit Lady          


A slim looking Lara weighs just 9 and a half stone now and she can now enjoy doing things she never thought she'd be able to. Last summer, she took her family on a trip to Thorpe Park where she didn't have to worry about fitting into the seats. And the


38 year old is even started going clubbing again!

But despite losing the weight, Lara still exercises everyday and eats healthily. She says she never wants to go back to the way she was a year ago.