Lizzie Crow

We pinned Lizzie down (not literally!) for 5 minutes and asked her a few questions...

Where are you from originally?
Worcester, West Midlands.

When did you start your first job?
Started on my radio career in 2002/3 (I think!) but have had lots (no exaggeration) of careers along the way!!

What do you love about radio?
I love all the music and that it’s so intimate

Worst job you've done?
A tele-sales girl…I only lasted a day it was excruciating I couldn’t even use my own words as you had to read from a script!!

What do you like doing outside of work?
Being with my friends, music, dancing, eating out, shopping, film and theatre, skiing, tennis, going on holiday and doing creative things like playing the piano and making clothes.

Favourite TV shows?
Love a bit of 24 with Jack Bauer and Lost. Really got into X Factor this season!

Favourite meal?

Mum’s home cooked roast lamb…although to be honest I just LOVE food full stop!

Favourite drink?

Sparkly drinks like Champagne.

Favourite celebrity?
Robert Downey Junior

Favourite type of restaurant?
I just love all restaurants…so I guess one with a good bathroom!

What do you drive?
I don’t at the moment…about to buy a car!

Favourite place to go on holiday?
Alps in the winter and anywhere hot in the summer!

Favourite thing to do at the weekend?

See my friends, relaxing and sleeping!

What are you like in the morning?

How does your best friend describe you?
Vivacious, bubbly, energetic, joyful…full of laughter, passionate, friendly...

How does your mother describe you?
Fun, friendly, faithful and feisty.

Most embarrassing moment?
Couldn’t possibly say!!

Last film you saw?
Harry Potter

If you had a million quid what would you spend it on?
I’d go on a huge shopping spree, have a holiday and invest the rest in a lovely property.

What would the title of your biography be called?
A Leap of Faith

What do you do that annoys you and what do you do that annoys everyone else?
I’m often late.

Shopping or sport?
Both! Why do I have to choose!!?

Party animal or bystander?
Party animal

City or country?
I love the city…but am a country girl at heart.

Facebook or twitter?


Night in or night out?
Loving a bit of the two…the night in after you had a night out! Sounds like the perfect weekend.

Bar or pub?
Anywhere my friends are.

And anything else you want to tell us?
I'm always the last to leave a party…I love talking and hate to miss out.
I once sewed my finger to a sewing machine!
I’m the fifth of seven children…including five brothers.

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