BRACE Dementia Research

BRACE funds world-class clinical and laboratory research into Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia to find better treatments, achieve earlier diagnosis and one day, a cure.

BRACE is a regional charity, supporting researchers in South West England and South Wales. Its area of benefit is global, and it increasingly attracts donations and help from supporters around the UK and abroad.
Their three main aims are to help:

  • Provide the means by which medical science comes to understand what causes dementia in its various forms

  • Achieve earlier diagnosis of dementia, thereby giving new treatments and knowledge of prevention more time to make a difference

  • Find new and more powerful treatments, and ultimately a cure

BRACE is passionate about defeating dementia. This is only possible with the generosity of their supporters, whose donations are used to fund groundbreaking research. If you would like to help the charity without donating directly or would just like to keep in touch with all things BRACE you can sign up to the mailing list here.

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Contact Them:
BRACE Charity Office
The Brain Centre, Southmead Hospital
Bristol, BS10 5NB
Registered Charity No: 297965

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