6,000 horses at risk of being dumped

6,000 horses and Ponies are at risk of being abandoned this winter according to Horse welfare charities.

A report 'On the Verge - the approaching Equine Crisis in England and Wales' is being handed into the government today. 

Animal welfare charities reckon that a bad winter will leave animal charities physically unable to cope with the increasing number of horses being abandoned.

Horseworld in Bristol saw a threefold increase in the number of abandoned and neglected horses it rescues compares with the previous year.

The charities are asking the public to rehome more horses, for horse owners to take responsibility for their animals and not pass the problem onto local authorities, charities and landowners and for the government to meet them halfway and help rein in this problem before another winter of misery for hundreds of horses and ponies. 

What the government can do:

*The government should introduce criminal legislation targeting fly grazing - punishing offenders with fines and seizure of horses

*Introduce legislation to better link horses to owners to tackle irresponsible ownership

*Increased intelligence led enforcement of horse imports and exports 

*Encourage responsible breeding through guidance and education

*More assistance for local authorities including provision of places to keep horses on a temporary basis

*Improve enforcement and cooperation between enforcement agencies and chairites 

*The horse owning public can play an important part in rehoming horses and ponies 


To find out more you can go to www.horseworld.org.uk/rehome_a_horse