Are You Safe This Valentines?

One in four Bristol Women will be effected by domestic violence in their lifetime and on average 2 women a week die at the hands of their partners.

According to a quality of life survey in 2008, 18 percent of people in bristol think domestic violence and abuse is a private matter.

Bristol NHS Public Health team are joining with safer bristol to try and use Valentines day to raise awareness of those suffering in silence.

The 'Helping Hands' campaign will be out on the streets of the city on Friday (feb 12th) giving out hints and tips on how to spot the signs of domestic violence and abuse.

Lesley Welch, Domestic Violence Strategy Co-ordinator for safer Bristol told Heart "This crime effects 1 in 4 women in Bristol from teenagers in their first relationships to older people as well. Someone we know is experienceing domestic abuse in their relationship now, and we can support them to get help"

Amy Campbell is Senior Health promotion Specialist for bristol NHS, she said 'Even if someone isn't ready to go to the police there are agencies in the city and anonymous telephone helplines where they can get support'

The Helping Hand's Camapaign will be in Broadmead/The Galleries, ASDA Bedminster and Tesco Golden Hill.