Baby giraffe born at West Country zoo

Jubilant keepers are celebrating the successful birth of a drop-dead gorgeous baby giraffe at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol this week.

New parents Gerald and Genevieve, the international celebrity couple who found love against the odds when lonely male Gerald finally met his soul-mate after years as a bachelor, are now a family after giving birth to a healthy son. After a staggering 15 months pregnancy, the stunning little giraffe, named George by his Keepers, arrived quickly and safely during the evening of Friday the 15th June with proud mum Genny in labour for just two hours and dad Gerald looking on.

Baby giraffe and mum at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

Giraffe Keeper Emma Green comments:

I’m thrilled to say that the happy family are doing very well: little George seems very healthy and relaxed, and has been feeding well from mum Genny over the weekend. He has his mum’s markings, and seems to have inherited her good-looks too! We’re delighted for Gerald and Genny and look forward to watching George’s development over the coming months.”

Mum and baby will now be allowed their own space for a few months whilst George grows stronger, separated by a fence from dad Gerald who can still lean over to see and sniff his family each day.

The live birth and first steps of baby George were caught on film by Noah’s Ark staff and will shortly be made available online on the zoos website.

Giraffes at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

After a 4 year wait for a girlfriend and previously befriended instead by an inquisitive goat called Eddie who shared his field; Gerald finally got his wish in 2010 when pretty female Genny arrived after a journey of 1000 miles from her home in Europe. The 16ft male couldn’t believe his luck and quickly became smitten with his new 12ft girlfriend, with the pair seen strolling around their field together, much to the delight of zoo visitors.