Bristol elects first Asian Lord Mayor

Faruk Choudhury is to be the next Lord Mayor of Bristol. He is the first Muslim and Asian to be elected as Lord Mayor and at 38 is one of the youngest in modern times to occupy this role. His nomination for Mayor has been endorsed by all political parties.

Cllr Choudhury, aged 38, is married to Shilpi who will be the Lady Mayoress. They have three children – a boy, Ishaac 10, and two girls, Sanyia 5 and Nusaybah 3.

Faruk has been the Labour councillor for Easton since 2007. A well-known member of the Asian community in the inner city, Faruk has been Labour’s lead spokesman on community cohesion and community safety since October 2010.

A former restaurant owner, Faruk has invested in a new business, which is soon to begin trading. Additionally he is to become a student and hopes to study Law after his term of office as Lord Mayor. He said:

I am jubilant. This is a monumental honour for me and my family and even more so for Bristol’s Asian community and all BME communities in the city. I will do everything I can to promote this great city for all people in the coming year. The Lord Mayor usually embraces and promotes a charitable cause during their term of office. 

My personal cause is Britain’s shortage of transplant organs and some blood groups especially within BME populations. Many people die unnecessarily each year as a result of donor deficiency. As Lord Mayor and with my wife, Shilpi, we will work across many organisations encouraging “give blood” sessions especially within BME communities to encourage being an organ donor as well as a blood donor."

The official mayor-making Council meeting is in May.