Cabot Tower to be Restored

English heritage have announced a grant of £200,000 which will go towards the restoration of Bristol's Cabot Tower.

In total it's going to cost about £400,000 to repiar one of Bristol's best known landmarks.

It was closed to the public in 2007 because of health safety fears when large cracks started to appear in the structure. It's because of corroding steelwork is starting to expand and push the towers masonry apart.

Alan Owen is managing the repairs for Bristol City Council. He told Heart they won’t know the full extent of the damage still the scaffolding is up so it's impossible to give a date for when the tower will re-open.

“What we don’t want is the building to be opened quickly, when if we spend a little more time doing work the building will be absolutely done for evermore. This is a 100 year old building and any work we do has to respect that and be done in a gentle and delicate way. We will do it as quickly as we can but I don't think anyone would thank us if we were up here again a few years down the line.