Canadian Police Say Boys Here Could Be Victims In Sex Exploitation Investigation

Avon and Somerset police say detectives in Canada are worried boys in the UK may have been tricked into performing sex acts online.

They suspect a man has been pretending to be a teenage girl in chat rooms and sexually exploiting boys online from at least January 2012 until the Autumn of 2014.
Canadian police believe the victims are as young as 10 and up to 16 years old. They say they may not even realise they are being victimised.
They have charged a 24-year-old man with several sex offences.
The Royal Canandian Mounted Police's Internet Child Exploitation Unit says "In addition to those offences, the investigation has shown the man contacted boys through live video chats on various social media sites. He used a video of a teenaged girl that appeared to be live and convinced the boys to undress and initiate sex acts which he then taped and distributed via the Internet. One chat website he used frequently was, a site that requires no username where people can chat with strangers from all over the world."
"Investigators have determined that there could be as many as 2000 victims living in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia and Russia and possibly elsewhere.  Police are asking anyone who may have been in contact with this man via video chat or email to contact their local police."
This man's known online user names and email addresses are listed below.

Video Chat Names

Skype: Veronika.Maylae
Vichatter: Veronika69
Facebook Account: Vero May (

Email Addresses
If your son knows any of these user names, you should call Avon and Somerset police on 101.
Police say they know it may be difficult for potential victims and/or their families to talk about this but they want to be able to speak to as many victims as possible to assist with the investigation.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has released a video about this investigation on social media and is asking the public to view it and then share it via their social media channels in order to reach as many potential victims as possible.