Cigarette House Fires

Avon Fire and Rescue service are warning smokers not to ignore the less obvious risk of Smoking

They go to about 3 house fires a month which are caused by a cigarette. According to government statistics, people who smoke are at a greater risk from dying in a fire in their home than those who don't.

Community Safety Officer Rodger Farrant told heart 'That cigarette you set light to, the problem we have is that it can slip down into furniture or bedding without you realising. Then it can smoulder for a long time without catching fire again without you realising. Suddenly you have a big fire on your hands catching people unawares.'

He added, 'At the moment we are looking at three a month on average. Because people tend to relax when they are smoking as well, smoking in bed is a no no. We've had quite a few fires recently where people have fallen asleep either in the arm chair or especially in bed and they've caught their bedding or their clothing alight.'