Gordon Brown Exclusive

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has told Heart he won't boycott Cadbury's chocolate after the new owners announced they'll close the Somerdale factory in Keynsham.

Last week Labour MP for Keynsham Dan Norris told Heart he wouldn't be eating Cadbury's products anymore after American Food Giant Kraft said they would go ahead with plans to move production to Poland.

Whilst bidding to take over Cadbury's Kraft had indicated they would try and keep the Somerdale factory open. But just days after the takeover went through workers hopes were smashed as Kraft said closure plans were to far advanced to be stopped.

Speaking exclusively to Heart Gordon Brown said "I'm very sad about keynsham. It was orignally marked for closure by the original owners and there was some hope that kraft would be able to reverse that decision, it hasn't happened. "

The prime minister added "On the other hand they [kraft] announced 30 million new investment to the Bournville site (in Birmingham) and that new investment is vital to keeping jobs and creating jobs."

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