How Do You Keep Kids Active And Healthy?

Researchers from the University of Bath are looking for local families to take part in a study to find out what motivates children to be active and keep healthy.

The team from the University’s Department for Health are looking at ways to improve local services which are aimed at helping children to be more active and maintain a healthy weight.

Current services include cooking and healthy eating workshops, play projects and local youth groups with a focus on activity.

The researchers are asking mums, dads, carers and children to take part in group discussions on what they think works and what doesn’t, and what could be changed or improved. There will be separate groups for children and adults and results from the study will be used to advise local councils on ways to develop current services.

Dr Fiona Gillison, who is leading the project, said: “Government statistics show that the number of overweight children in the UK is on the increase and a range of local projects exist to give families and children the opportunity to get active and be healthy.

“But not all the families who could benefit from these services use them. We want to find out why families might not get involved and what can be done to change this and make them more appealing and enjoyable.

“We are therefore looking for parents to come along and share their views at groups we are organising at various sites in and around Bath. We are particularly interested to hear from parents and carers who recognise that their children aren’t very active, and feel more could be done to help them change this.”

By taking part in this study participants will have the opportunity to improve lifestyle services in their local community and to give their views on what needs to change.

Each participant will be offered a £15 voucher for taking part in the discussion group.

To find out for about taking part contact the team on 01225 384 387