Jo Yeates Best Friend Speaks Of Loss

Nearly a month since Joanna Yeates went missing from her home in Caynage Road Clifton; one of her best friends has spoken for the first time of her loss.

Rebecca Scott, 25, spoke openly of their 10 year friendship. She said: "Jo and I met over 10 years ago at the college where we studied. We were 15 years old and hit it off straight away, we were inseparable and have always remained close friends, even when we went off to separate universities.


"Although we didn't see that much of each other in recent months, as both our lives were so hectic, we have always remained close and when we did see each other it was like we had never been apart.

"She was a great friend and I have many fond memories of her, everyone did. She was full of life and energy, and she had so much life still to live, but that has now been taken away. She was extremely warm and friendly and was at a very happy point in her life."

She added: "Every memory I have her is a fond one, from those first nights out we had together to those holidays in Cornwall where we'd spend time camping. Jo was a great lover of the outdoors. When I came to Bristol to visit we'd often sit by the Clifton Suspension bridge, this was one of her favourite places and talk about everything best friends do.

"She was so happy with Greg to, she'd been with him for over 2 years and they were perfect for each other. They were very close and anyone around them could see that happiness and just how good they were together.

"Jo was besotted with Greg and it was great to see that happiness when they moved in together and got the cat. They were perfect."

Joanna went missing on Friday December 17. After leaving the Ram public house on Park Street following drinks with work friends Jo called Rebecca. Rebecca re-called what would be last phone call she got from Jo on that walk.

She said: "I got a call from Jo as she was on her way; it was to arrange our plans for Christmas Eve. We were both returning to our parents for Christmas and she was bringing Greg along on Christmas Eve when we went out. It was tradition that we'd meet in our local area. She was trying to persuade me to spend New Year in Edinburgh with her to; I couldn't commit but our plans for Christmas Eve were set. It wasn't unusual not to hear from Jo from then, we were both useless with our phones."

"The next phone call I got was around 4am on Monday December 20, it was a missed call from the police, I instantly knew something was wrong so I called Jo's phone and Greg answered telling me what had happened. We all knew something was wrong but were in denial about the situation.

"I always hoped she was still alive but deep down I couldn't help but think she'd been abducted and some harm had come to her. The next few days both Emma and I spent handing out posters and flyers, we needed to do something to help; I couldn't sleep so kept in regular contact with Jo's family, Greg and Emma.

"As the days went by, as best we could we tried to have a Christmas, my parents were concerned about me and were upset as they too were close to Jo. On Christmas day we heard the news we had all been dreading, we had the TV on watching the news when it was reported a body had been found.

"In a way I felt relief at the news. I was gutted too but I knew that she was now not a missing person and no further harm could come of her. I remember sending her mum a message saying I'm sorry, I didn't know what else to say. Everyone was devastated."

Joanna's body was discovered in Longwood Lane, in Failand near Bristol, a murder investigation was launched and continues.

Rebecca said: "We are now all desperate to see justice done, so if anyone has information I urge you to call the police. You may not have seen or heard anything but think back, has a friend or family member been acting strangely or suspiciously? If so please call the police and think about how you'd never want your best friend found murdered on Christmas day."

Anyone who would like to contact the police can call 0845 456 7000 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.