Kraft Management Quizzed

Mp's on the business select committee will ask management at cadnury's new owners, American food giant Kraft, about how they decided to close the Somerdale factory in Keynsham later.

Cadbury's had planned to shut the factory and move production to Poland with the loss of 400 jobs. But campaigners backed Kraft's bid to takeover the company in the belief that they would keep it open. Just days after the takeover was completed Kraft announced they would close the factory after all as the process of shutting it had gone too far to be reversed.

Local campaigner Amoree Radford told heart 'The Mp's have to stick to a pretty straight code so I think they will just try and investigate how much Kraft actually did know about what was going on down at Somerdale.

She added ' There is great potential for more manufacturing down there which is what Kraft said they wanted to do, they wanted to bring their global ranges back here to the UK and make more jobs for the people of Great Britain.'

Roger Berry, Labour MP for Kingswood is on the committee and he thinks crafts statements about Somerdale before the takeover were misleading.

He told heart 'given with a matter of a few days Kraft changed their minds on the grounds that they hadn't had enough information is incredible. In fairness to them these are issues that I'm sure my colleagues and I will press when the committee meet.'