Lightsabre Flashmob!

Hundreds of star wars fans have had a huge lightsabre fight in Cabot Circus.

The foyer of the shopping centre in Bristol has become a popular choice for so called 'flashmobs' since it opened in 2008.

This one on a Saturday in Febuary has ended up as a video on youtube receiving more than one hundred thousand hits.

A flashmob is a group of complete strangers who gather to perform a random group act usually organised by which is organised by text, social network sites like facebook or email.

Scott Waller a media student at City of Bristol College was among the sci-fi fans at the fight and has made a documentary of the event as part of his course.

Edited highlights are set to 'duel of the fates' , the fight theme music used in the Star Wars films prequels.

He said "It was quite spontaneous- the organisers had just said take your lightsabre and go at it with whoever was stood next to you. It was crazy!"