Residents Parking Scheme Start Dates Revealed

10 August 2015, 14:24 | Updated: 10 August 2015, 15:34


Bedminster East Residents’ Parking Scheme is to go ahead next month after a change in the order of the city centre project.

Bedminster East has been brought forward and is next in line in the roll out due to the complexity of the Southville area compared to the more commercial nature of Bedminster East.The City Council say:

'Southville is larger and much more residential than Bedminster East and there are hundreds more signs to be installed which require consultation with residents. It is therefore more efficient to start the Bedminster East zone while the details for Southville are being finalised, in order to reduce delays on the end date of the whole project.

Work is due to start in Bedminster East in September with the scheme going live on Monday 12 October 2015. Southville is due to go live on Monday 23 November with work on site starting in October.

The operating hours for Bedminster East will be Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm. The area includes a number of three-hour pay and display parking bays near shops, businesses and other community facilities - parking in these bays is free for 30 minutes or will cost £1 an hour for longer stays. The free 30 minutes waiting time is intended to make it easier for people to make short visits to local shops and businesses while maintaining a turnover of spaces.

The same rules will apply in Southville with the exception of the pay and display parking bays on North Street, which will run from Monday to Saturday from 9am until 5pm.

Households are eligible for 50 free visitors’ permits per year and have the option of buying up to another 50 for £1 each. Details of how to apply for residents’ and visitors’ permits will be sent to all households in the coming weeks.

Businesses based in the scheme area can apply for up to seven permits and travel planning support is available to any organisation that requests it in order to help them identify other suitable travel alternatives for members of staff and to assist them in managing their permit allocation if required.

Bedminster East is the 11th RPS area to be approved in the current programme of twelve areas. Statutory consultation on the final scheme, Spike Island RPS, is due to start later this month.'