Return Of The Great British Street Party?

A campaign group in the West is calling for councils to relax their rules on road closures so more of us can have a street party.

They say the Royal Wedding in April is the perfect opportunity to bring back the tradition. At the moment some councils insist on organisers having expensive public reliability insurance or putting notices of road closures in the local press.

Chris Grittings, from 'Streets Alive' told Heart, 'It's your street, you live there and most of us live in quiet streets. As it's your street and your neighbours, you should be able to make the most of it yourselves. Why don't we make more of this tradition on a regular basis. Year by year, people can have a street party at any time of the year, clear the cars just for a while, let the kids run around and have a drink with your neighbours.'

To find out more about holding your own street party, check out the 'Streets Alive' website by clicking the link on the right.