Turn Me On

A campaign has been launched to get water fountains around Bristol Switched back on.

It's been started by Frank Water who campaign for clean water to be accessible for all. They reckon that turning on the city's water fountains would encourage more of us to drink water. They also say it would reduce plastic bottle waste and save us money.

Campaign Coordinator Matthew Mellor told Heart, 'People have to buy bottled water when they are out and about which is quite expensive but we think there is a more sustainable option. We've got these great amenities that we should be using which offer cheap and environmentally friendly water when they are out and about. Study's show there is a lot of waste produced by the drinks industry through bottled water and other drinks. We just want to give people the option to cut down on that use and let people have a bottle to re-use and refill when they are on the go'

The 'Turn me on' campaign are holding a photo competition to try and raise awareness. You can find out more by clicking on the links to the right.