Clifton Suspension Bridge

245ft above the Avon Gorge stands the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge, designed by Mr. Brunel.

It's a Grade 1 listed building which is a landmark of Bristol, linking Clifton to Leigh Woods (North Somerset) and was opened in 1864.

You may be wondering why a bridge is worth going to visit? Well, not only is the engineering of the structure interesting, but the views from across the bridge are superb. There is also an Observatory Tower, which houses a 360 degree 'camera obscura' allowing you to see the surrounding areas as well as St. Vincent's Cave on the side of the Avon Gorge, giving you a great view of the bridge for a small fee.

Tours on the bridge are also available, but if you wanted to find out a little more for yourself, there's a visitor centre on the Leigh Woods end.

For a more spectacular or romantic view, the bridge is illuminated in the evening