Models Wanted For Appearance Research

Researchers in the West are models of all shapes and sizes to help with their research into how we feel about the way we look.

Volunteers will get paid £60 and be given a free professional Hairdo and Makeup. They'll also get a free digital copy of their photos from a professional shoot.

It's being organised by the centre for appearance research at UWE in Bristol. Phillipppa Diedrichs from the centre said "Recently, the airbrushing of models in the media has generated widespread political, media and consumer attention. There have also been calls for the use of models that reflect reality and have different body shapes and sizes. Whilst the industry has argued that airbrushing and being thin is necessary to sell products, others argue that images of thin models contribute to unrealistic beauty ideals and negatively harm women's psychological and physical well being.'

The photos from the shoot are gonna be used to gauge peoples reactions to different body shapes. If you fancy getting invovled you can email with a clear up to date photo and details of height and dress size. If you want more information first email