West Soldier Gets Bravery Award

19 year old Rifleman Reece Terry from Taunton is to get the Queens Gallantry Medal for Bravery.

He guided 100 soldiers through an Afghan minefield at night on a mission to capture a Taliban leader. he had to wear night goggles for three hours and use his metal detector to look for trip wires and improvised explosive devices.

The area was considered so dangerous that for the previous 4 months patrols had not ventured more than 800 meters from the base and no patrols had been carried out at night due to the high number of casualties sustained in the past.

At the time Reece was only 18. He laid a safe path for the patrol to cross safely and undetected. He then led the same patrol back at even greater risk because the enemy were aware of their location.

On returning to base he was to exhausted to speak.

His citation reads: 'What Terry achieved on that night was unimaginable prior to the event and set the tone for the remainder of the tour by breaking down myths about movement at night through IED belts, shifting the boundaries of the possible in the minds of his fellow riflemen. he demonstrated a level of skill, courage, stamina and mental fortitude in the face of the threat of enemy IEDs that was far beyond the call of duty and expectations of his rank and experience.'

You can hear and interview with Rifleman Terry who went to Augustine's school Taunton by clicking the link on the right.