Bon Jovi at Ashton Gate

Over 20,000 people had their hands in the air for the New Jersey Rockers, Bon Jovi at Ashton Gate Stadium!

Fans from all over the West Country and even further had descended onto the Bristol City ground to see the boys play their greatest hits - and they definitely didn't disappoint!

I managed to catch Bon Jovi at Hard Rock Calling on Saturday night, which was a three and a half hour set, so I already knew how on form they were. This was part of their European tour, "Bon Jovi Live" and they certainly didn't let us down.

Fans sang, waved their hands and clapped along to hits like "You Give Love a Bad Name", "It's My Life" and, of course, "Living On a Prayer".

During "Bad Medicine", the band merged into "Pretty Woman" which got everyone singing louder than before.

The intimate atmosphere at Ashton Gate really made this gig special as fans felt close to the multi-award winning band.

Some fans even camped out overnight to get into the stadium as soon as they could!

Great night and great atmosphere.

If you were there, leave your comment below with your thoughts on the gig. Plus, have a look HERE to see if you were snapped by the Heart Angels.