Glastonbury Tor

Set in the peaceful town of Glastonbury, a walk up the Tor to St.Michael's Tower is worth it for a great view.

As soon as you drive towards and into Glastonbury, you can't help but notice the Tor overlooking the town below. With St. Michael's Tower prominently sat on top, it really is a spectacle.

The 500ft walk up the Tor itself isn't the easiest, but you can take as much time as you need. When you do reach the top, the view across Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire is worth being out of breath for.

You can catch the shuttle bus from the Glastonbury Abbey car park, which is situated in the town. That will drop you at the bottom of the hill.

There are many myths and legends associated with the Tor, but read into that what you will.

Whether you just want a great view, somewhere to relax or a place to enjoy a picnic, a walk up to the Tor is a must-do when in Glastonbury.