Julian's Running Tips

Julian's took part in Marathons and Half Marathons across the world -Here's his top tips...

I've been running for a long time now, and really enjoy it, as it's a great way to see places (I'm not mad honest - I do really enjoy it!) I've done two marathons in the past couple of years, and also a half marathon when I went to visit my best mate in America! (I think I am mad doing a half marathon on holiday!)

So my tips then if you are running....

1 - Training.
Sounds silly, but you have to train for it! You'll hear stories of people who just 'turn up and run', they are obviously superhuman, and not like the rest of us.  The more miles you have in your legs before raceday the better, and the distance will not be as tough
2 - Eat well. 
My mate always says 'you can't run a car on empty', likewise for your body, eat well, lots of healthy carbs and proteins, especially in the week leading up-to the race, and on the morning of the run have a good breakfast 90 min before start time.
3 - Stretch.
I'm guilty of not doing enough of this, but your legs will thank you for it in the long run
4 - Drink lots of water. 
This is a strange one, but you need to keep muscles hydrated, but you have to find a good balance on race day to stay hydrated, but not so much that you need a wee every mile!
5 - Wear comfortable clothing.
Make sure you have run in the clothes before.  There's nothing worse than getting half way round and your T-shirt starts to rub in places you don't want it to rub
6 - Write your name on your T-shirt.
Then people will be able to call out your name
7 - Remember to enjoy it!
Sounds weird, but remember why you are doing it. Discuss where you'll see your friends and family, seeing them really will lift your spirits!

I think that's it for now... If I think of any more I'll let you know.  Good luck!