Trip to Minehead

Minehead is a coastal town in the north-west of Somerset.

Not just famous for it's major holiday camp, Minehead brings in hundreds of British tourists looking for a bit of sun and sand.

It's ideal for that great British holiday, offering plenty of things to see and do. Of course, you'll get the usual arcade amusements,  flurries of fish n' chip shops and tourist shops selling rock and pens with 'Minehead' written upon it; But it's perfect for the short break with the family. Or in my case, on my own!

Driving through the country lanes towards the sea is a really calming experience in itself and when you reach the coastline, you know it was worth it.

I booked into a B&B on the seafront, which, although had a cheap rate, was everything I needed - a bed, restaurant and, of course, a bar!

I went for a walk along the seafront and was drawn into the bright lights and short bursts of 'Oxygene' by Jean Michel Jarre coming from the amusement arcades. Of course I went in and after winning about 900 tickets from various games, I assumed I'd be able to pick up quite a prize. I was mistaken and left with two tiny keyrings.

Food next and, being on the seafront, you only want fish n' chips! I wasn't disappointed, sitting on a bench looking out to sea whilst seagulls constantly bombed their sharp beaks towards my fish supper.

After a couple of night caps, I thought I'd rest my weary head for a whole days worth of sightseeing the next day.

The sea air did me some good as I slept like a baby. Up and raring to go, I headed to the West Somerset Railway across from my B&B. My dad is a massive train fan and I know he'd be proud of me going to experience these wonderful engineering feats. To me, it's just a train, but a powerful one at that. They have various trips you can take from Minehead, but I decided not to go as I wanted to go back to the arcades.

The truth is, I absolutely LOVED Minehead. It's what makes me proud to be British, a proper seaside town with real people.