Haverhill Torch Route

Day 50: Saturday 7 July.

The flame will enter Haverhill at 1442 along Burton End at the junction with Cleves Road.

It will continue along Camps Road before making a right turn onto Market Hill and onto the High Street.

The torch relay will then turn right onto before quickly taking a left turn on to Ehringshausen Way.

It will continue on to Lord's Croft Lane and on to The Pightle before turning right to Wratting Road.

The relay will end on Haverhill Road at the junction with Ann Suckling Way.

Next Stop: Bury St Edmunds.

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Meet Haverhill's Torchbearers:

London 2012 Olympic torch
Name: Dingfeng Liang
Age: 41
From:Shenyang City 
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Keren Goff
Age: 33
From: Cambridge 
Caroline Maclean Name: Caroline Maclean
Age: 37
From: Haverhill
Nomination Story: Caroline is an inspirational athlete and person. Having competed in three Paralympic Games (Sydney, Athens and Beijing) she is set to compete in an amazing fourth Paralympics in London next year, hoping to be part of the first-ever British female wheelchair basketball team to win a medal at the Games. Caroline recently helped GB win Gold at the Paralympic World Cup in Manchester and is also a veteran of GB's amazing run of six bronze medals in the last seven European Championships having been involved in all but one of those teams. Caroline's commitment and dedication is eye wateringly impressive, making huge sacrifices and travelling great distances to train and compete at the very top level. Despite her incredible sporting prowess she remains extremely modest and humble and is a brilliant role model and willing ambassador for sport in Suffolk. She thoroughly deserves the honour of carrying the Olympic flame
Claire Scarff Name: Claire Scarff
Age: 44
From: Feltwell
Nomination Story: Claire has had a terrible year. Part way through last year she was diagnosed with skin cancer. Sadly in October of last year Claire lost her Mum to cancer and then her Dad 5 weeks later - nursing them both in hospital and at home until the end. She has several medical conditions, such as arthritis, psoriasis, and Myalgic Encephalopathy. However the one of most concern is the various patches of skin cancer she has. She has had this operated on but is very self conscious. Despite all of this she still continues her voluntary work. Any one of these problems would certainly be enough to slow most people down, but Claire remains a Governor and active helper of the PTA for the local school; she runs the local Beaver and Cub groups; runs the village playgroup; and is the Chair of the Women's Institute. Over the years she has also been involved in various other groups. Claire was awarded the Mayor's Civic award in 2007 for her voluntary work. Even with all of this, if you are in need, Claire will try to help you. No matter where she is she will always offer to help. Most importantly Claire is a loyal friend, mother and wife. As you can see Claire is an inspiration to all of us.
Elodie Lafosse Name: Elodie Lafosse
Age: 17
From: Colchester
Nomination Story: At 16 being able to share my passion of dance with younger children and teach them how to express themselves through dance is a joy. I hope to teach children with disabilities to dance and not to be affected by their diability. I would like to go into hospitals and be able to give children the opportunity to still do the same things as their friends. My sister passed away from leukaemia at age 5 but we were in hospital all the time looking after her and she hated it when I left to go to lessons because she wanted to come. Just because you're ill or have a disability it shouldn't stop you from movements to music. I currently teach children from ages 3 to 10 every Saturday and will be getting my teaching qualification to teach dance alone in December. My dream is for children all over the country not matter what is wrong with them to be able to share the joy of dance.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Holly Lambert
Age: 12
From: Waltham Abbey
Nomination Story: Holly has been nominated from St Nicholas school because firstly she is a valued member of our school community due to her positive attitude and the example that she sets to other pupils. She modestly participates in several school sporting activities while also training hard to represent Great Britain in the 14th world Gymnaestrada festival of Gymnastics where she joined gymnasts from all over the world. Holly was a perfect representative for her age group at an event that upheld the same values as the Olympics: the meeting of 55 nations from five continents with one common goal. As part of her gymnastics team she performed in front of 75,000 spectators in Lausanne`s Olympic stadium in Switzerland. In May she will be going to Scotland to perform at the Gym fest. Holly is a dedicated pupil and gymnast and spends several hours training each week and sets herself very high standards. She is a perfect example of a 12 year old who truly lives by the Olympic values.
Isabelle Gower Name: Isabelle Gower
Age: 13
From: Haverhill
Nomination Story: Isabelle (12 years) lost her only and much loved sister Jess (14 years) to primary bone cancer just before Christmas 2010. When Jess lost her beautiful hair during treatment, Isabelle and friends held a huge cake sale and a wacky hair day and raised lots of money for the Little Princess Trust that provides wigs for children. At Jess' funeral, Isabelle was the first to stand up and speak movingly about her sister. Her courage inspired others to go on. In May, Isabelle walked the West Highland Way, 96 miles and seven days in atrocious weather, to raise money for bone cancer research. She has helped raise over £18,400 so far. She is now designing a butterfly themed `Fly away ... be free' make-up compact for charity. Isabelle has stayed positive in the face of her broken heart. Both she and Jess inspire courage in us all and through fundraising help to make a difference to peoples' lives.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Keith Church
Age: 45
From: Banbury
Nomination Story: We would like to nominate Keith for his work in leading his local Cub Scout pack, comprising a group of up to 25 boys, aged 8 to 10. In September 2009 he stepped up from offering occasional help and took on the leadership as the group was threatened with closure. He remained Cub leader up until July 2011, despite the fact that none of his own children was a Cub during the latter part of this period; his middle child moved up to Scouts last Christmas. Perhaps the most impressive part about Keith's work with the Cubs is that he has taken on the vast bulk of the responsibility for planning and running activities and dealing with admin on his own shoulders. Typically most Cub and Scout groups have several leaders sharing this burden. While Keith has had practical help from other leaders, over the last two years he has had the pressure of organising meetings and coming up with a balanced plan of activities to keep all the Cubs entertained. At the same time this programme was aimed at developing practical and social skills, and also knowledge and awareness of wider issues, through getting involved with the community through events such as Remembrance Sunday and via raising awareness of the work of a disaster relief charity. Having left Cubs at the end of the summer term Keith is now joining the leadership team of the Scout troop, where two of his sons are members.
Ryan Tutthill Name: Ryan Tutthill
Age: 15
From: Bury St Edmunds
Nomination Story: Ryan was disgonised at the age of 4 with a Speech and Language disorder and he falls within the autustic spectrum, he has a statement of SEN. and is in receipt of DLA, he is a youth who has struggled through out his school and social life but has proved to be very able to achieve beyond expectation in many fields including sports. he has represented his School and ATC Sqn at Swimming, he assists in teaching very young children swimming at the local Swiming Club . He took part in the County Youth Games last year and has been selected to do so again this year. Ryan is also involved in Scouting and was selected to go to to the WSJ 2011 in Sweden as a member of the County contingent , he achieved his Gold Chief Scouts Award this year and has moved on to Explorer Scouts. Despite his disability he enjoys life especially when taking part in sport or helping with sport . He is looking to take a sports leadership course as part of his educational qualifications over the next 2/3 years. Ryan also has a keen interest in poultry, he has Chickens and Turkeys and uses local farmers markets to sell the eggs which raises money for his scout group and his WSJ funds. Ryan is a very active young person and a shining example of a young person living with a disability
Stacey Johnson Name: Stacey Johnson
Age: 20
From: Hertfordshire
Nomination Story: Stacey has suffered with a brain tumour for the last four years and has been undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Stacey's tumour cannot be operated on. Despite being very poorly Stacey has set up her own charity, Kisses4kids. The charity raises money which is used to give treats to other seriously ill children, such as family days out at theme parks and presents at Christmas and Easter. Funds raised have also contributed to a games and DVD room, sensory room and garden area at Princess Alexandra Hospital's Dolphin Ward, in Harlow, Essex. Money is raised at fetes, fun days and carnivals. Stacey doesn't complain about her illness, even when she is having a bad day. Her selfless efforts to improve the lives of other young people who are suffering serious illnesses, like her, are inspirational. *Contact details of the nominee have not been supplied as the telephone numbers / e-mail addresses we hold on file are often unreliable. The point of contact for this nomination is Ami Spring at South Anglia Housing, details provided. The nominee is aware that they have been nominated.
Xiaodong Du Name: Xiaodong Du
Age: 42
From: Daqing, Heilongjiang
Nomination Story: Xiaodong has been a torchbearer in Daqing, Beijing Olimpic 2008.Xiaodong was rewarded the Outstanding Volunteer in Heilongjiang Province and the Prize for the Best Organization and for the outstanding Contribution as well as the Best Management in Daqing.