Cambridge: Airport Noise Impact

3 October 2013, 13:11 | Updated: 3 October 2013, 15:44

Cambridge Airport Darwin Airlines Aircraft

The amount of extra noise created by new flights from Cambridge Airport is now being investigated.

Flights to four new European destinations, including Paris, Geneva, Milan and Amsterdam, began last month.

Now, Cambridge Airport is being asked to develop a 'Noise Action Plan' to survey noise levels created by aircraft movements.

The Civil Aviation Authority asked the operators of Cambridge Airport to come up with the plan after announcing the extra flights.

Cambridge City Council is urging residents living on flight paths to take part in the consultation - and have their say on noise levels.

Lib Dem Cllr Swanson, who represents Queen Edith's ward told Heart: "Naturally people are concerned about plans to increase flights from the airport and they have a number of questions about the proposals.

I am pleased to see that they will get a chance to have their say through this consultation, and I hope many people will respond to it. 

The airport is extremely valuable to Cambridge providing a large number of jobs but it is vitally important that all measures are taken to make sure it doesn't cause disruption for people living nearby."

The consultation on the Noise Action Plan runs until the 25th December.

You can comment on the plan by visiting the Cambridge City Council website.

Cambridge Airport has told Heart it is working closely with DEFRA to ensure that we comply fully with the requirements of this directive.  This process includes a formal consultation phase which has now opened and runs until 25th December 2013.  Once this has been completed, a Noise Action Plan for Cambridge Airport will be agreed with DEFRA, and this will then be reviewed every five years.

Cambridge Airport would welcome feedback from any interested party through this formal consultation process.  Forms to submit feedback can be found on the Cambridge Airport website ( in the “About Us” section.