Anglians March Through Cambridgeshire

14 June 2010, 05:47 | Updated: 14 June 2010, 16:51

Soldiers from The Royal Anglian Regiment, who have recently returned from Afghanistan, are to march through towns and cities in Cambridgeshire this week.

Huntingdon Parade - Monday - 10:55am

100 soldiers from D (Cambridgeshire) Company will march from Princes Street to the Market Square.

The Mayor of Huntingdon will then present the soldiers with the freedom of Huntingdon, before troops continue marching from the Market Square, along the town's High Street and to Commemoration Hall.

Princes Street is due to be closed from 10am till noon for the parade.

Cambridge Parade - Monday - 6:00pm

The regiment, nicknamed The Vikings, will leave Shire Hall and march down Castle Hill, along Magdalene Street and into Bridge Street and Sidney Street, and continue along Market Street and into Market Hill and St Mary's Street and onto Kings Parade for the official salute.

The soldiers will then march around Market Square and into the Guildhall.

The following city centre roads will be closed to cars and cycles from 5:30pm:

  • Castle Street
  • Magdalene Street
  • Bridge Street
  • Jesus Lane (from Park Street)
  • Sidney Street
  • Market Street
  • Market Hill
  • Kings Parade
  • Wheeler Street
  • Benet Hill
  • Peas Hill

All roads will re-open as soon as possible after the march, except Kings parade and Market Street, which will be closed until 7:00pm.

Diversions will be in place for public transport, and Cambridge City Council recommends using Park and Ride services to get into the city centre for the march.

Ely Parade - Wednesday - 11:00am.

200 soldiers, including troops from D (Cambridgeshire) Company, will march from Broad Street to Market Square.

The Mayor of Ely will then take a salute from the regiment.

At 11:30am, the troops will march up the High Street and form up on Cross Green.

A service, open to the public, will take place in Ely Cathederal at noon.

Some roads in Ely will be closed from 9:00am for the march.

Traffic will be restricted in Broad Street, Forehill, Market Place, High Street and the Gallery.

The Royal Anglian Regiment.

The battalion had 400 soldiers deployed on operations across Helmand Province in Afghanistan.

In December, half way through their tour, D (Cambridgeshire) Company led an operation to rid farmland of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), allowing locals to safely tend to their crops.

They also carried out a night operation to destroy a bridge that was being used by the Taliban to plant IEDs in the countryside.

Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel James Woodham MC said: "The considerable progress made in Afghanistan has not been without cost and the Vikings lost five young men, with many more injured.

So a series of parades have been planned in East Anglia to provide an opportunity for the public to welcome home their Country Infantry Battalion and for the Vikings to thank the people of East Anglia for their unwavering support."

Among the Vikings casualties was Private Robbie Hayes, who was 19 and from Burwell.

Robbie was killed by an IED in Helmand Province on January the 3rd.