Cambs Busway - All Aboard! First Bus Rolls Out

7 August 2011, 09:00

The very first buses are now running on the route between Cambridge and St Ives.

The project - which is millions of pounds over budget - was originally due to open in February 2009 but Bob Menzies, Head of Delivery for the project, told Heart:

"People will be coming out today will be coming along to see what it is we've been talking about all these years - and just to try it out.  During the week, I expect commuters to be using it. It's the school holidays, so I expect people will be taking day trips out to St Ives or into Cambridge."

Mr Menzies added: "As we get into the Autumn, I expect more and more people to be using it. It's fast, it's reliable, is a very smooth ride and we've achieved everything we set out to achieve."

Cambridge Guided Busway 
The Busway will travel from St Ives to Cambridge Science Park in around 20 minutes and should improve public transport links to Cambridge Railway Station, Addenbrookes' Hospital and Trumpingdon.

The buses on the track will be run by Whippet and Stagecoach, with a ‘Dayrider’ costing around £3.50 and a ‘Family Dayrider Plus’ (for one adult and up to two children) about £6.00.