Cambridge: Bike Markings Removed From Bus Lanes

13 May 2014, 06:39 | Updated: 13 May 2014, 07:46

Cambridge cyclists are voicing their concerns over the council's decision to remove bike markings from bus lanes.

Even though the bike markings on the road, in Cambridge's bus lanes are being removed, Cambridgeshire County Council say cyclists are still allowed to use them.

The Cambridge Cycling Campaign have voiced their concerns, saying they will be victimised, because of the change, and will face more anger from drivers, who think the cyclists are not allowed to be in the bus lane. They sent a series of Tweets to the County Council:

Camb. Cycling Cam. @camcycle
Bets, anyone, on how long before first @CambsCops officer sees markings changed & starts stopping cycles legally using bus lanes? @CambsCC

Camb. Cycling Cam. @camcycle
@CambsCC @julianhuppert Cyclists WILL be victimised because of this!

Camb. Cycling Cam. @camcycle
@CambsCC @julianhuppert NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Backward step. Cameras good. Taking out cycles from markings will make drivers think rules changed.

Camb. Cycling Cam. @camcycle
Painting out 'and cycle' from 'bus ... lane' will lead to bus and taxi drivers intimidating cyclists. Big fuss coming if u persist @CambsCC

Cambridgeshire County Council say, "We are reviewing the lines and signs for the bus lanes in readiness for the Council taking over the civil enforcement of them.

"One of the main reasons for better enforcement is to help protect cyclists from inconsiderate drivers and to make it easier for buses and emergency services to get through. Although the Council's hands are tied by the Department for Transport legislation on what can be painted on the road surface we are making it clear that the bus lanes are still for cyclists with appropriate accompanying and extra signage on the side of the road as used across the UK.

"National legislation is very clear that a cycle symbol on the road surface in the bus lane would indicate contraflow cycling and could lead to some riders believing they could cycle down it the wrong way. We have consulted with the local bus and taxi industry as well as the emergency services who understand that the lanes are still for cyclists as well.

"Officers are meeting with the Cycling Campaign to discuss the works this week."