Cambridge Burglar Jailed

A man from Cambridge, who admitted breaking into almost 30 homes and cars to feed his drug habit, has been jailed.

Andrew Clay, 32 and of Victoria Road in Cambridge, pleaded guilty to two burglaries at Cambridge Crown Court.

He also asked the court to take into consideration 26 other burglaries and vehicle crimes he committed in and around Cambridge to feed his drug habit.

DI Andy Gipp said: "Andrew Clay is a prolific burglar and I am pleased he is now unable to continue his crimes in the city.

Clay began breaking into homes when he became addicted to crack cocaine.

He has admitted a further 26 burglaries and vehicle crimes in Cambridge where he stole purses and wallets, games consoles, jewellery, laptop computers and camcorders, anything which he could sell to feed his drug habit.

We will be contacting all his victims to let them know of his sentencing.

I hope it brings some sense of satisfaction to them, knowing he is now behind bars."