Cambridge Cuts Protest

20 October 2010, 10:13 | Updated: 21 October 2010, 12:03

Protesters gathered in Cambridge this morning ahead of the government's spending review.

Members of Cambridgeshire Against The Cuts met outside Cambridge railway station to voice their discontent at 7:30am [pictured - right].

The campaigners picketed the railway station to try and send a message to Cambridge's Lib Dem MP, Julian Huppert.

My Huppert is understood to have spent last night in London, but the protesters say he "should not bother coming home from London if he continues to support the Tory spending cuts."

The Chancellor's spending review will see massive cuts to public spending to reduce the country's deficit.

It's thought that almost every government department will be affected, and job losses could be up to half a million.