Cambridge: EE Turns On 4G In City

4 December 2013, 11:46 | Updated: 4 December 2013, 11:53

Mobile operator EE has today switched on its superfast 4G phone signal in Cambridge.

The signal is said 4G ''to offer businesses and residents across the city an improved, faster experience when using the internet on their mobile phones, laptops or tablets with speeds five times faster than 3G technology."

The move has been welcomed by Cambridge MP Julian Huppert. 

Doctor Huppert said: "I strongly welcome EE's announcement that they will be bringing 4G to Cambridge. 

In the city which is home to the UK's leading technology park and several world-beating technology companies, EE's launch of 4G will help ensure that Cambridge continues to foster innovation and provide superfast speeds to mobiles devices."

Councillor Sarah Brown, Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Community Wellbeing, said: "The arrival of 4G mobile services will be a great benefit to those who live and work in Cambridge. 

Cambridge is already one of the world’s best connected cities, and the latest generation of mobile technology will build and strengthen that position."

EE says the signal will be switched on in nearby Peterborough in time for Christmas.