Cambridge MP On London Riots

10 August 2011, 13:35 | Updated: 10 August 2011, 13:47

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert has spoken to Heart about the riots in London and a disturbance in Cambridge.

Police were called to Midsummer Common in Cambridge last night to reports of between 30 and 40 young people gathering.

Five arrests were made and two officers were left with what's described as "minor" injuries.

Mr Huppert has praised with the response from Cambridgeshire Police.

The Lib Dem MP said: "So far they seem to have done mostly a good job.

They've been quite good at telling people what's happening."

Julian Huppert talks to Heart's Tom Horn.

Reflecting on last night's disturbance in his constituency, Mr Huppert added: "These people were presumably just trying to copy some of what they saw elsewhere.

It didn't go anywhere and no property was damaged.

I just hope that this is the most we see in Cambridge and we don't see any more, but I am in contact with the police and I know that they are ready and prepared if anything does happen."