Cambridge: Police To Patrol On Bikes

7 August 2013, 09:54 | Updated: 7 August 2013, 13:03

Officers on bikes are being deployed to crack down on emerging crime 'hot spots' across Cambridge.

Officers will patrol areas which have seen increases in crime in a bid to deter criminals and also reassure residents.

The initiative, called Operation Huntsman, is being launched following an increase in acquisitive crime - robbery, burglary and theft - during August, September and October last year.

It is hoped directing patrols at an early stage will stop a similar series developing in the city.

When there are no specific crime patterns, the officers will concentrate on driving down cycle crime, which traditionally increases during those months.

Officers will also be carrying out crime prevention activity.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Sloan said: "We are keen to prevent an increase in crimes such as robbery, burglary and theft during this three-month period as seen last year, so have set up this operation to tackle any series that emerge.

"Having officers on bikes will mean we can cover a large area which would not be possible on foot and also check alleyways and other paths that would not be accessible by patrol car.

"We want to deter criminals and also reassure the public by providing a visible presence in those areas affected."
A crime prevention event will be held in Sidney Street today (Wednesday).