Cambridge Station Improvements

9 February 2011, 06:00 | Updated: 18 February 2011, 16:36

More than £16 million is being spent building a new platform at Cambridge Railway Station.

The new "island" platform [artist's impression - right] will mean trains which are 50% longer and contain extra seats will be able to stop at Cambridge.

The City Council has approved Network Rail's plans, so construction work will start in April.

It should by finished by the end of the year, and will reduce over-crowding and result in fewer delayed services.

A new footbridge and lifts will also be built.

Andrew Munden, Network Rail route director, said: "This is excellent news for Cambridge and the surrounding area.

Britain relies on rail to get more than 3m people to and from work every day and as passenger numbers continue to grow it is essential that we maintain investment in our rail network.

The new platforms will make a real difference to passengers, boosting capacity on this busy line, improving punctuality and reducing overcrowding further still.

Our improvements at Cambridge are part of an investment programme which will see the station and surrounding area transformed over the coming years."