Cambridgeshire: Crime Commissioner

16 November 2012, 18:08 | Updated: 16 November 2012, 18:17

Conservative Sir Graham Bright has been elected as Cambridgeshire's first Police and Crime Commissioner.

Sir Graham [pictured - right] was elected as Commissioner after polling a total of 31,640 votes.

Labour candidate Ed Murphy came second with a total of 25,114 votes.

A second round of voting was needed, counting voter's second preferences, as after the first round of voting neither candidate had polled a more than 50% majority.

Sir Graham immediately took the Oath of Office, and said he will start work tomorrow (Saturday).

He also stated he will set up his office in Cambourne, away from the Cambridgeshire Police HQ in Huntingdon, to demonstrate his impartiality.

Sir Graham told Heart: "I'm delighted because we've been campaigning for weeks.

I have a lot of experience in public life, and I believe I have a lot of experience I can bring into play.

From now on I am the face of the people, not the face of the police.

I want to work very closely with Cambridgeshire."

The voting turnout across Cambridgeshire was 15.25%.