Cambridgeshire: Police Election Results

16 November 2012, 14:45 | Updated: 16 November 2012, 18:07

Here are the results from the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner election count.

Final results after second preference count:

Elected: Sir Graham Bright (Conservative) 31,640 votes

Ed Murphy (Labour) 25,114

Results after first count:

Sir Graham Bright (Conservative) 23,731

Ed Murphy (Labour) 17,576

Paul Bullen (UKIP) 14,504

Ansar Ali (Independent) 12,706

Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Liberal Democrats) 7,530

Stephen Goldspink (English Democrats) 7,219

Farooq Mohammed (Independent) 5,337

As no candiate had a majority of over 50% of the total vote, the top two candidates went forward to a second round of voting.

Voters second preferences were taken from ballot papers which did not list either of the top two candidates as a first preference.

These second preference votes were then added to the top two candidates first preference votes, with the winner being the candidate with the resulting highest number of first and second preference votes added together.

District by district breakdown of first preference results:

South Cambridgeshire results.

Ansar Ali (Independent) 2,489

Sir Graham Bright (Conservative) 5,196

Paul Bullen (UKIP) 2,686

Stephen Goldspink (English Democrats) 1,904

Farooq Mohammed (Independent) 645

Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Liberal Democrats) 1,940

Ed Murphy (Labour) 2,873

Rejected ballot papers 711.

Huntingdonshire results.

Ansar Ali (Independent) 2,870

Sir Graham Bright (Conservative) 5,669

Paul Bullen (UKIP) 4,313

Stephen Goldspink (English Democrats) 1,357

Farooq Mohammed (Independent) 714

Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Liberal Democrats) 1,132

Ed Murphy (Labour) 2,365

Rejected ballot papers 565

East Cambridgeshire results.

Ansar Ali (Independent) 1,055

Sir Graham Bright (Conservative) 2,704

Paul Bullen (UKIP) 1,440

Stephen Goldspink (English Democrats) 600

Farooq Mohammed (Independent) 280

Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Liberal Democrats) 886

Ed Murphy (Labour) 1,140

Rejected ballot papers 258.

Peterborough results.

Ansar Ali (Independent) 3,759

Sir Graham Bright (Conservative) 4,911

Paul Bullen (UKIP) 2,868

Stephen Goldspink (English Democrats) 2,336

Farooq Mohammed (Independent) 2,896

Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Liberal Democrats) 755

Ed Murphy (Labour) 5,282

Rejected ballot papers 548.

Fenland results:

Ansar Ali (Independent) 800

Sir Graham Bright (Conservative) 2,975

Paul Bullen (UKIP) 2,163

Stephen Goldspink (English Democrats) 1,236

Farooq Mohammed (Independent) 310

Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Liberal Democrats) 402

Ed Murphy (Labour) 1,656

Rejected ballot papers 196.

Cambridge results.

Ansar Ali (Independent) 1,733

Sir Graham Bright (Conservative) 2,276

Paul Bullen (UKIP) 1,093

Stephen Goldspink (English Democrats) 586

Farooq Mohammed (Independent) 492

Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Liberal Democrats) 2,415

Ed Murphy (Labour) 4,260

Rejected ballot papers 614